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Online Payment
Processing: Simple and
Secure Integration

Whether your business has an online shop, a full eCommerce platform, or a charitable donations page, you need a way to accept payments online.

Online credit card processing with CardConnect

Integrating online payment acceptance with CardConnect gives you the ability to securely process transactions based on your business’s needs.


Make Everything Connected

Payment acceptance is easier when integrated directly into your own environment. Whether it’s a shopping cart on your website, a mobile app you’ve created or the ERP that runs your organization – you can easily integrate it with the CardConnect Gateway and ensure that your customers are protected with our patented tokenization technology.

The CardPointe Gateway allows eCommerce merchants to simply accept online credit card payments, also known as card-not-present payments.

Every credit card transaction processed online passes through our payment gateway and is protected by CardSecure, our layer of defense against data breaches and criminal activity.

Card-based payments always introduce an element of risk. This is especially true when you are processing credit card payments online, since eCommerce transactions are remote and anonymous. To protect your growing business from credit card fraud, we’ve designed our eCommerce payment solutions with the latest data security standards. With CardConnect, you can confidently take payments online without having to worry about sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.


Accept payments online simplifies the payments process and gives you tools to help your business grow.

Offer your customers various payment options, from debit cards, credit cards and eChecks to digital payments like Apple Pay and PayPal.

Ready to Start accepting?

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